The History of the Best Baby Monitors


It is amazing how our technology make our living a lot easier. It was in 1942 when the first CCTV is made, but not for security system purposes. It was made by Siemens AG to monitor the launch of V-2 rockets. It was used as a security system camera later in September 1986 in Olean, New York. It was installed along the business lane to monitor and prevent crimes. However, as years go by, these cameras are getting smaller and more effective in capturing scenes with an increased resolution and upgraded methods to capture, record and analyse videos.

The latest invention for security systems is the Intelligent CCTV Video software which has been predicted to improve the way security systems work. It does not only capture and record videos but it also detects suspicious activities before they take place by adding data and intelligence to the video. It is software that analyses and recognizes suspicious behaviours which creates precise alarms if bad things will happen. This will help owners of the premise to call for help if burglars, thieves and other menace try to disturb them. This type of security are very useful in banks, airports, stores, power plants, data centres, schools, and other establishments that needs tight security.

In Come Baby Monitors

The same concept is applied in baby monitors that are loved by parents these days. It is in our human nature to seek shelter and away from harm. We have this constant need to feel safe and secured. What fears us most is that in our most unguarded moments, like when we are asleep, bad things will happen. An intruder perhaps, probably thieves, or worse, serial rapists and killer squadrons with heavy machine guns and sharp metal claws. Possible yes, but highly unlikely. Putting our scary imagination aside, precautions are always a good thing when it comes to you and your family’s safety. That is why with advancements in modern technology, you now have a choice to improve the safety of your children.


Baby monitors have come a long way. From what used to be blurry and distorted images, today’s high definition baby monitor cameras render clear and vibrant images allowing you to see fully the surveillance footage. This improvement greatly increases the purpose of monitoring and observing as it allows you keep an eye on your children without any obstruction in video quality. Recording capabilities allow you to review previous footages, allowing for 24-hour security coverage. For those who have this great need for baby monitor need, this would be the best that money can buy.


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