Best Baby Monitor Brands


For many years, baby monitors have been a popular purchase by parents with newborn babies with the help of baby monitor reviews. Having a good product help parents to keep an eye or ear out for their baby’s movements. This essentially gives parents the only time to deal with other tasks in the house without constantly worrying. The following are five of the most recommended baby monitor products that create a lot of buzz in most reviews in no particular order.

Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero

Unlike most monitor sets mentioned in baby monitor reviews, the Snuza baby monitor Hero edition comes only with a parent unit and the baby sensor device. The striking feature of this product is that it’s portable and light, which is good for travelling purposes. a lot of concerns about the baby device getting separated from the child can be observed. The Snuza solves this problem by making the baby device come with a clip attachment that can be placed directly on the baby’s diaper. The unit belongs to a higher price range compared to most monitor.

Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus

The package for this product comes with seventeen parts namely: 2 parent receiving units, 2 bases for charging, 1 nursery, 2 sensor pads, 2 AC adapters, and 8 batteries (rechargeable). The most noticeable feature of this product according to the baby monitor reviews is its 8-channel frequency operation capability. Radio frequency interference has been a common problem for older monitor models. The parent units employ movement lights and a sound alarm to indicate problems. Moreover, the units have a back-up power feature. Price-wise, the product is reasonable enough.

Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor

Baby monitor reviews have ranked this product as one of the most stylish monitors in the market today. It comes with batteries and an AC adapter for power sources. The additional night-light feature of this model has been well-revered by baby monitor reviews online. This is the cheapest product among the five that are in this article.


Samsung SEW-3036WN Wireless Video Baby Monitor IR Night Vision Zoom

Among the four abovementioned product, the Samsung SEW-3036WN is the only video-type monitor. It can maintain a good signal up to 800 feet without any interference. The mini-camera is capable of displaying high resolution video with night vision features.

NTM-910YIC- Sony Baby Call Nursery

This model is very famous for being the clearest baby monitor at present with 27 different channels to operate. Reviews have given a lot of positive feedbacks about how helpful this product is in sound recognition. Being able to recognize the sounds prevents false worries for parents. The product also come with built-in rechargeable batteries and is priced lower than its intended value. This is a good choice for parents who want to save.


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